Re: acaule report - no culture!

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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 01 Mai, 2002 um 17:49:18

Antwort auf: Re: acaule report - no culture! von Marcin Wielicki am 30 April, 2002 um 14:50:10:

Hi Marcin,

I don't think that Eric wants to encourage people to dig up acaule. But by saying that this is an easy species the demand for acaule is increased and adult plants on the market mostly originate from the wild. So the effect remains the same to some extent. This also applies to "salvaged" plants. I cannot see the effect of salvage when most of the plants die one year later in the garden or pot of an orchid lover who tries his best.

The article is very interesting, indeed, and I thank you for posting it for the benefit of all readers of the forum. I only disagree with Eric's statement about the easiness of the culture of acaule.

Best regards



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