Re: acaule report - no culture!

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Abgeschickt von Marcin Wielicki am 30 April, 2002 um 14:50:10

Antwort auf: Re: acaule report - no culture! von Michael Weinert am 30 April, 2002 um 08:59:27:

I believe Eric didn`t want to encourage anyone dig up any plants. If we follow that way of thinking we will fall into the trap made with our words, when saying f.e. when talking about C.pubescens "... They grow so easily and are so beautiful or even try reginae...". Does it encourage poaching plants from the wild???

Michael, Did Paul really wanted me to dig up some plants from the forrest ?? I don`t think so :)

The article was an example of detailed study of natural enviroment of C.acaule population, which gives also people an idea how they live in the wild. When you have an idea about that you will simply avoid many troubles with the species, when in culture.
Of course, I disagree it is the easiest species to grow, but the article was not written by me, so I was not going to put any correction to it.

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