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Abgeschickt von Uta von Rad am 30 April, 2002 um 09:59:13

Antwort auf: Re: acaule report - no culture! von Michael Weinert am 30 April, 2002 um 08:59:27:


first of all I want to stress that my experience with acaule is confined to some seedlings that I got ex flask (thanks again, Camiel!). I also agree that this is not a beginners plant and that I would advice to get a 'Gisela' or reginae or something similar. But since you already HAVE the three plants, here is what I would do. Take them out of the substrate they came. If it isn´t acidic (and those guys want a pH of about 4!!!) this is what will kill them! Actually if they are yellow between the leaf-veins that mabe chlorosis and that is caused by calcium in the growth medium or too high pH. I would transplant them in a mixture of coarse sand (calcium- FREE!!!) and sphagnum peat 1:1. Whenever you water them (and don´t water too much) use rainwater (or destilled water) and add a spoon of cider vinegar to five literes of the rain/destilled water. Put them in light shade and grow them in a pot so you can controll their water. In the pot (below the peat/sand mix) put a layer of drainage material, again use something that doesn´t have calcium in it. The seedlings I have are a pleasure to see and they are growing nicely. But if what you got are poached plants, then it is very probable that they won´t survive. Again: I wouldn´t buy an adult acaule unless from one of the proven nurserys, but this is how I would try to save them.

Good luck!



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