Re: acaule report - no culture!

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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 30 April, 2002 um 08:59:27

Antwort auf: Re: Get Some Giselas von Marcin Wielicki am 29 April, 2002 um 22:33:57:

I think it must be stressed that it is no cultivation at all what Eric Muehlbauer describes in his article. It is just planting C.acaule in its natural habitat, the only difference is the fence around the area. Therefore one should be very careful with Eric's opinion that acaule is "one of the easiest, if not the easiest, of Cypripediums". Comments like this help with the exploitation of acaule in the wild, because they draw wrong conclusions. The natural habitat provides the right soil life to protect acaule from rotting. This is what makes acaule growing, not the hand of the gardener!

Who, except a few people, has the possibility to live in the natural habitat of acaule?? It cannot be stressed enough that this is the decisive precondition to succeed with this species! All others: hands off for the sake of these plants.



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