Cyp acaule

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Abgeschickt von Bonnie Chappell am 29 April, 2002 um 20:20:32


We are new to this and have been reading your site and also other info (Growing Woodland Plants)... we have been trying to figure out the way to keep these plants. We have a good site for them, acidic hillside with Dutchman's Breeches and many other wildflowers (Trillium), oaks, beech. However we are trying to ready a spot for planting next year due to the trouble we have had.

Last year, my son bought 2 other lady slippers last year and lost them both. The first had nice dormant buds and was planted outside in the fall but never came up this year. I think the site stayed too wet. Upon inspection, it must have simply rotted away. The second one he bought died back in the pot due to a fungus but came back this year... then died back possibly from overwatering. This has been very tramatic for him (he is 15) and now is affraid of them.

We just now received three 3 inch C.acaule through the mail. One looks very healthy, but all have yellowing between the veins. What should I feed them and how? Number 2 looks a little beat up from the trip and the soil was too high around the crown. I moved the soil back so it could breathe. Number 3 is definitely wilted at the crown. I have dusted them with sulfur fungicide but I think it is too late for the #3. The healthy one appears to only need food. I've not watered them at all since the soil appears rich and moist. We bought soil testing tubes/pills and they don't read very acidic... the color matching system of the test is not very definite. I also need to know how much direct sun they can take??? Should they be watered from soaking the pot in a pan of water rather than watering from the top? Should I let them dry out between watering? 

Thank you very much


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