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Abgeschickt von Phil Cribb am 24 Februar, 2000 um 09:28:59

Antwort auf: Re: Hybrid names von Darcy Gunnlaugson am 13 Februar, 2000 um 20:56:40:

On my return from holiday I found your discussion of artificial hybrid names in Cypripedium. The Orchid Registrar registers grex names only. A grex is a group of hybrids with the same parentage e.g. species crossed with a species; species with a hybrid; or hybrid with a hybrid. Infraspecific categories such as varieties or subspecies are not considered in this process as your correspondents note. However, some varieties have been accepted as species for the purposes of orchid registration; often this is because of historical reasons or because there was ambiguity of the rank of the parent when first submitted as a parent for registration. Thus C. pubescens and C. speciosum are accepted for registration as species although most taxonomists now agree that they are varieties of C. parviflorum and C. macranthos respectively.

Confusion exists in some growers minds because they see that the results of crossing the same species can vary; e.g. using a species as female parent gives a different result from using it as a pollen parent. Likewise using different varieties of species can produce quite different results. The Code deals with this by allowing the use of cultivar names to distinguish distinct varieties bred from the same parental species. Thus the grex name merely indicates the parental species used while the cultivar name indicates which varieties of those species have been used. Unfortunately there is no cultivar register for orchids. It might well be worthwhile starting a cultivar register for hardy orchids including Cypripedium. I hope the above clarifies matters although I suspect it might not.

All the best. Phil