Re: Critical remarks on the trade with Cypripediums

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Abgeschickt von François Pageau am 06 April, 2002 um 01:27:01

Antwort auf: Critical remarks on the trade with Cypripediums von Holger Perner am 28 Maerz, 2002 um 07:18:24:

Dear Mr. Perner,

Last year I started looking for Cypripedium on the internet and found a place where they offered me Cypripediums at an excellent price (mostly 3-6 dollars per plant). See for yourself how they answered to my questions that were asked and how it validates what you wrote.

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From: "XY"
To: "François & Diane"
Sent: Sunday, February 04, 2001 1:17 AM
Subject: Re: Cypripedium and can they be exported to canada

François & Diane wrote:
Do you still have Cypripedium to sell, what species and what are the prices. What is the cost for papers. Thank you. 
If you can provide CITES and phytosanitary for plants it is then possible for me to bring these plants to Canada. 

XY wrote:
> Only Phytosanitary certificate will be able to provide by us. But If you
> will be able to bring these plants to Canada by yourself, this is no
> problem without the CITES permit I think. Because I can use the similar
> names on the labels and Phyto, such as "Smilacina spp., Disporopsis spp.
> or Disporum spp.", any thoughts?

> Below is our current price-list on the Cypripediums and some of their
> pictures sending for your consideration.

It followed a list of many Chinese Cypripedium species, some of them together with the names of Chinese provinces or cities.



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