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Abgeschickt von Alastair Robinson am 17 Februar, 2000 um 00:16:32

Antwort auf: Re: Irapeanum and friends von Darcy Gunnlaugson am 16 Februar, 2000 um 04:15:41:

Hi Darcy,

I did understand your premise (premiss - depends where you're from!), having only made the point about the soil because it is significant for the very reason you state. Should the orchid be an obligate symbiont, then the only way that we will be able to grow it is if we isolate and learn to cultivate, at the same time, it's mycorrhizal associate. From the viewpoint of a horticulturist, this might sound rather difficult. Still, where there's a need (this one being the addiction which some of us suffer from)...

As one who has experience in maintaining Calypso in cultivation, do you find that catering to the needs of the fungus are important, or do you simply grow the plant - leaving the fungus to its own devices?

>>In Mexico... variety of conditons... includes snow and freezing>I am usure of your use of the term moss it perhaps what we call peat moss here (dark brown milled peat of various grades/textures ?)>Cypripedium californicum grows in a variety of serpentine soils in it's narrow range, and yet... will do quite well in mediums similar to calcelous>TC...Tissue culture?? I have not heard of Tissue Culture success with Cyps at this date. If so, please direct me. >I hope you are correct and that I am in error ...have a bad feeling about them being similar to C.b>some were availed in the UK a year or two past at PC's nursery<<

Yes, this is true. I was aware of this, but didn't feel that I had the experience, time or *finances* to take on the challenge, much as I would have liked to. As to who purchased them, and what degree of success they had, or are having, I am unsure. It could be that someone is happily growing them away right now, unaware of the difficulties that the majority seem to be having :-/

Where in BC are you?

All the best,