Re: sick 'Gisela' bud two weeks later

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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 04 April, 2002 um 11:41:08

Antwort auf: sick 'Gisela' bud two weeks later von Paul Perakos am 04 April, 2002 um 11:31:36:

Dear Paul,

Now it is clear that the early death of the flower bud inside the shoot bud during winter has been the reason for the problems. Some parts of the leave initials were also affected by the decaying tissue, which now can be seen as holes and brown spots on the foliage. But it is also clear that the plant has overcome the problems almost completely and that it will be able to produce a normal shoot bud for next year. I grow 'Gisela' in pots since many years, so this has no negative effect.

Best wishes



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