sick 'Gisela' bud two weeks later (with photos)

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Abgeschickt von Paul Perakos am 04 April, 2002 um 11:31:36

Antwort auf: Re: sick 'Gisela' bud one week later von Michael Weinert am 24 Maerz, 2002 um 11:03:26:

Here are two pictures of the Gisela now two weeks later, and although not perfectly healthy, I view this as a miraculous recovery considering how bad it looked 2 weeks ago. What is strange is all the leaves have some damage, some holes and brown spots. I believe a dead flower bud will emerge later.

In 2 weeks I will plant her outside with her sisters. I think there will be enough leaves to support the plant and make a good bud for next year. I am still uncertain as what caused this damage and unusual growth but I think it must have been too warm and perhaps Gisela don't like pot culture, too.



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