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Abgeschickt von Christian Lueg am 13 Februar, 2000 um 19:14:03

Antwort auf: Irapeanum and friends von Darcy Gunnlaugson am 12 Februar, 2000 um 03:02:31:

The 3 mexican species are growing in different climates and habitats in Mexico. After my knowledge all imported plants ( irapeanum, maybe sometimes molle )died in first or second year of cultivation. : Irapeanum was found on laterite or vulcanic soils deep under surface in mixed forests. These are without or less rain between october - aprile. : Same for molle but soils are much drier in winter and with high percentages of limestone. : The most similar species to our conditions is dickinsonianum which is growing local in Chiapas. Climate there is always with some rain and you can find epiphytes in trees. Dickinsonianum is growing in Cedar forests on limestone in humus. : I believe this is most easy to cultivate species of this three. : I've produced seedlings 2 years ago and some seems to survive.