Re: Does Cyp. calceolus need stratifying before

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Abgeschickt von Gerhard Raschun jun. am 20 Februar, 2002 um 20:45:21

Antwort auf: Does Cyp. calceolus need stratifying before von Dixie Kotylak am 19 Februar, 2002 um 18:00:17:

Dear Dixie !

If you use an optimal treatment (for example: 10 min 2%H2SO4 following 10 min 1% NaOCl) you don`t need a further stratifying. Germination starts after 3 or 4 weeks, keep dark at room temperatur while this time. If there isn`t a germination after 2 month, put it in the refrigator. Stratifying prompt after OCl-treatment is without any effect.

Wait some days, mayby you can discover protocorms in the next weeks.

In my opinion, it`s unfortunately to use old seeds (6 or more months old !). Try it next season with fresh seeds or use the green pod-methode( you can reach a higher germinating percentage).

good luck