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Abgeschickt von Darcy Gunnlaugson am 12 Februar, 2000 um 03:02:31

Hey lads;

I was expecting to see some recent discourse here after having the site recommended by one of "yous" over the puddle there ;-) It looks like postings have seen a recent lull in activity and we really should collectively do something about it. I suppose a "colonial's attitudes" are a bit flamboyant when compared to a much more proper European approach to things, but hopefully we can get past the appearances and approaches to things and settle upon a good discussion... as though we've had a drink or two ( provided you drink on the odd occassion)

Topic for this discussion: C. irapeanum, dickinsonianum, and molle...the Mexicans ;-)

1.) Has anyone grown these and if so, with any luck? This would suppose they arrived in good health as a Cyp arriving in poor condition is generally a dead plant and doesn't know it yet. Such trials do not count.
2.) Stirling D. (in personal communication in the remote past) was growing them in large intact clumps removed with native soil. The accompanying soil was carefully removed with the plants, which were then transplanted carefully into clay pots. This method found that they fell into decline after a few years when treated as he had "observed" them in nature. This observation required that he not water them at all in winter, as he observed no rainfall, and he did not suppliment their diet with feedings whatsoever as they lived in impoverished soils. Upon querying this, I advised some winter moisture and a regime for feeding, which found an increase in vigour, health and seed production. This translated into more seed to those of you who have subsequently found his address through the "contact" who provided it. I can give my reasons for this offering him advise if anyone is interested but it seems self explanatory.

1) Do you think that mature plants of this complex, can be grown in culture ( hopefully for providing future seed production outside of Mexico), given this modest change to pot culture... in what was previously thought to be an impossible complex of 3 species?
2) When/if mature clones are availed outside of Mexico and hopefully into experienced hands, do you think transplanting of seedlings (until now-unsuccessful after transplant) into close proximity to the parent (sharing of symbiont) will work? We all know that seed trials have been successful to some degree or other, but all fail at final transplant. Symbiont or hormones from a parent/kin may be benificial to establish these seedlings in the first year or two of their life. Whataya think there mates??

My take on it....likely a difficult complex (3 species) but not as difficult as previously supposed given the modest manipulation of plant requirements at Stirling's home. Your thoughts solicited.


Victoria B.C.

PS Excuse all spelling errors as colonial trademarks;-)