Re: Chinese Cyp. calceolus

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Abgeschickt von Peter Corkhill am 03 Februar, 2002 um 09:15:18

Antwort auf: Chinese Cyp. calceolus von Matti Niissalo am 31 Januar, 2002 um 21:11:09:

: I have just got a beautyful (huge actually, I have NEVER seen roots like that in any Cyps!) C. calceolus. It is Chinese origin.

It doesn't sound like calceolus at all! One of the many disadvantages of buying wild collected Cyps is that dealers themselves often do not know what they are selling. It is of course illegal to deal in these plants and you are contributing to their decline in the wild by supporting this sad trade. I guess you have bought the natural hybrid with macranthos ie ventricosum but you will have to wait for flowers to see.

Why not still enjoy these wonderful plants and also sleep easy at nights by buying only micropropagated seedlings. You have to wait a little longer to see flowers but the sense of achievement and joy is much greater when you do. Also you will have proved you are a real friend of the genus.


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