Hybrid names

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Abgeschickt von Darcy Gunnlaugson am 08 Februar, 2000 um 22:48:27

Hi Peter et al;

By way of introduction, I am a grower of this beloved genus, only I am situated far from you all on a distant western shore.

I am much inclined to agree with Peter on this topic of naming hybrids, and would think that a registered name can only apply to that particular matured clone with the characteristics it alone displays. It surely cannot be thought that a named hybrid cross lays claim to all progeny which may result from this cross. The genetic diversity is too great. For this reason, and as an example, X Ventricosum with it's great color diversity should be considered a hybrid *complex* and have named forms given within this structure. In this case I believe use of pre-existing names for X Ventricosum would be a way of sorting out these differences while at the same time granting statis and honoring those who were histroically associated with the discovery of it's types. Here are my suggestions for this complex. By extension, such named forms not only should, but ultimately must be considered for "named types/forms/etc" in hybrid crosses.

X Ventricosum:
Pure White form--forma Manshuricum
Pure Pink form---forma Barbeyii
White lip, pink sepal/petal--forma Frenyii
Yellow form---forma Kesseleringi
Mixed/indistinct forms--forma Ventricosum

Best regards


Victoria BC