Chinese Cyp. calceolus

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Abgeschickt von Matti Niissalo am 31 Januar, 2002 um 21:11:09

I have just got a beautyful (huge actually, I have NEVER seen roots like that in any Cyps!) C. calceolus. It is Chinese origin.

The plant is very different from plants I´ve brought from European gardens. The roots are very thin, only about 1 mm in diameter, when other calceoluses I´ve seen have looked somewhat like C. macranthos with theyre thicker and fewer roots. I hope it will flower soon so that I could see if the flower is looking different, too.

Do you know if there has been any studies about differenses of plants from eastern and western origin? I would remember that Cribb mentiones in The genus Cypripedium that Asian plants need or at least stand more acid conditions than theyre European cousins. Perhaps they would have to be grown in different ways..?

The plant I got is, by the way, already 15 cm long. As an effect of proper packing, it has survived well through its journey from Denmark to Finland, even althought the temperature outdoors is about -20 C. It looks like it would bloom, but its too early to say.


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