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Abgeschickt von Alex Jeans am 08 Januar, 2000 um 20:49:49

Antwort auf: Re: C. guttatum von Michael Weinert am 08 Januar, 2000 um 01:17:04:

Dear Michael and Peter,

Thanks for your advice re: suitable composts, which is a great help to me. On balance, then, I should like to use an appropriate variation of my usual mix, consisting of varying proportions of loam, perlite and fine bark, sometimes with pine needles. Hopefully, a sufficiently free-draining version will suit.

On a related matter: does anyone have any opinions on the use of wood (not sphagnum) moss in Cyp. culture? I don't see it recommended too often, perhaps because people think sphagnum when they think of moss, but I would imagine it to be an excellent, free draining, aerating material.

Best wishes,