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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 03 Januar, 2002 um 19:35:18

Antwort auf: tibeticum and ? (with photos) von Kjell Kċre Kvalstein am 03 Januar, 2002 um 19:33:58:

Dear Mr.Kvalstein,

Thank you for the pictures. The colouration of many tibeticum photos is not true (this might be also the case with the photo you sent me, as you can see from the colour of the leaves). Therefore it is hard to tell how dark these flowers really can be. In my eyes the story of nearly black types might be an exaggeration, one can't trust pictures in that respect. The dark red of tibeticum seems to be difficult for the film and mostly isn't very realistic. It might also be that the photographers have choosen the darker photos in order to make the picture more impressive.

The species of the light coloured plant is hard to determine as the photo shows not enough details. Furthermore it is a stressed plant (presumably first shoot in pot culture or damaged roots) as one can conclude from the short stem. Therefore neither the size and form of the shoot nor size, form and colouration of the flower can be regarded as typical for the plant. It might look quite different in its second year in pot culture! This is the reason why I would be very reluctant to determine a Cyp in this stage. I have seen too many changes from the first to the second year in culture.

Kind regards
Michael Weinert