C. guttatum

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Abgeschickt von Alex Jeans am 04 Januar, 2000 um 19:32:01

Dear Cypripedium enthusiasts,

I have recently been sent a plant of Cyp. guttatum and, while I am aware of most of its particular requirements regarding reliable cold dormancy etc., I have run into problems with one of the fundamentals: compost. The only recommendation I have for this species is that in Cribb's "The Genus Cypripedium", where a combination of fen sand and fen "muck" is recommended. While I suspect fen sand is easily substituted, "muck" may be harder; certainly, I have no idea where to get any. I wonder if anybody can help with alternative mixes or, less likely, a relatively easy source for fen "muck".

Thanks very much for your help,

Alex Jeans