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Abgeschickt von Tomoyuki Mogami am 22 November, 2001 um 00:22:05

Antwort auf: C.yatabeanum seed von Marc Harris am 20 November, 2001 um 00:30:34:

How do you do, Marc Harris.

All the possibility to germinate even if the seed of C.yatabeanum which matured is sown is nothing. I suggest sowing a seed in the flask.
Young seeds on about 40 - 45 days after the pollination are collected, and it is sown in the flask. MS 1/3 is suitable for the cultivation solution. As for the preservation of the flask, even the occurrence of the root manages a room temperature in 18 degrees in the darkroom.
I secure many seedlings in this method.
I am sorry in English which is hard to understand.