Re: Cyp. californicum - leaf blacking

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Abgeschickt von Peter Corkhill am 14 Oktober, 2001 um 21:53:24

Antwort auf: Cyp. californicum - leaf blacking von Barry Tattersall am 05 Oktober, 2001 um 18:25:19:

Barry my guess is that this is one of the many fungal infections plaguing those of us trying to grow seedlings but that this is not the primary cause of the problem, that is probably stress of some kind which allows the fungal organism a foothold. For years I have been puzzled that my problems with fungal infection in seedlings have apparently resulted from underwatering as much as overwatering until I realised that both conditions stress the plants allowing the same or similar pathogens to infect and produce the same visible symptoms. So you have to ask what stressed the seedlings in the first place? I doubt it is heat related as in my experience this species appreciates warmer conditions that other species, it also likes more water during the growing season so perhaps you can think back to when it first appeared. If the infection is inside the plants in a cronic state you may not get rid of it but I would try a fungicide treatment, perhaps dipping/soaking the dormant seedlings. Composts - I have had good results with californicum with 2 parts Seramis, 2 parts pumice gravel and 1 part organic (which was a mix of good friable composted bark and leafmould). In addition liquid feeds during growth.

I had a henryi with this problem, it just got smaller each year until I eventually ditched it.