Re: Cypripedium with variegated leaves.

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Abgeschickt von Tetsuya Fukunaga am 13 Oktober, 2001 um 17:25:29

Antwort auf: Cypripedium with variegated leaves. von Marcin Wielicki am 10 Oktober, 2001 um 23:49:46:

Hello Everyone,

I am a Japanese and grow Cyp. There are Cyps with variegated leaves. My friend has them. They are beautiful. They are not infected by virus. He gets them by seedling from flask.

These photos are up on 'Atsumorisou', the book of Cypripedium published by Tochinohasyobou in 1999. I looked real plants at his bench. He told me that seedling produce few variegated plants. Maybe they can not grow mature plants in nature condition. But they can grow in culture condition. I think many person can find variegated seedling by careful observation.

I have gotten the allowance from the publishing company the pictures up on the forum. They can send the book 'Atsumorisou' of Cyps abroad. If you want get it, you check and send English e-mail to Mr.Usui. The price is 1300yen + tax + shipping cost. They told me that shipping cost getting more expensive than the book price.