Some other orchids

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Abgeschickt von Matti Niissalo am 11 Oktober, 2001 um 11:28:48

Antwort auf: Cypripedium with variegated leaves. von Marcin Wielicki am 10 Oktober, 2001 um 23:49:46:

Hello Marcin

Actually I once almost asked about this same subject in here.

Where have you heard that information from? I "collect" plants with variecated leaves and when I see them in wild I usually take them to our garden - excluding orchids, which are allowed to grow in peace. Of orchids I have seen these with white colour on leaves: Epipactis helleborine and Dactylorhiza incarnata. The helleborine was possibly infected by virus. Also Listera ovata sometimes has variegated leaves, but I have newer seen them in nature, only in photos.

If someone has these cyps to sell, I am most willing to buy them!