Re: hardiness of C. formosanum

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Abgeschickt von Barry Tattersall am 17 Dezember, 1999 um 10:48:21

Antwort auf: hardiness of C. formosanum von Herbert Reisinger am 16 Dezember, 1999 um 15:53:39:

I have successfully grown C. formosanum for many years, both in pots and in the garden. I live in the suburbs of London, where the winter temperatures are usually quite warm. However on occasions we do experience temperatures down to minus 10 degrees C. While the plant is dormant, low temperatures don't seem to harm them.
The only problem I have ever experienced was to a thriving group of plants that were subjected to a frost of minus 3 degrees on the 3rd of June! Of course the leaves were all fully expanded at this time. As a result the whole group were killed! They didn't return the following year.
I'm sure that once they commence growth in March/April? if temperatures are expected to be low, some form of protection (fleece, bubble plastic, propagator lid, etc.) would ensure their survival.
Hope this helps,