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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 06 Oktober, 2001 um 06:55:58

Antwort auf: yellow Cyp. macranthum von Johnny Petersen am 05 Oktober, 2001 um 23:36:58:

C.macranthos exists in all colour variations from red over yellow to white. Werner Frosch and Holger Perner visited the Russian Far East in 1994 and found C.calceolus, C.macranthos and their hybrid C. x ventricosum in all colours growing close together. So it is very likely that the plants hybridize to a high extent and that also back-crosses exist. This should make it very difficult to determine a certain specimen exactly. As most of these plants on the market originate from the wild, there is no guarantee whether the colouration of the flower will really be yellow. It can also turn out as a "normal" red macranthos or x ventricosum.

Literature (in German, with many photos):

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