Re: hardiness of C. formosanum

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Abgeschickt von Alastair Robinson am 16 Dezember, 1999 um 16:15:11

Antwort auf: hardiness of C. formosanum von Herbert Reisinger am 16 Dezember, 1999 um 15:53:39:

Hello Herbert,

>>If it comes up in a warm spell in March will it be dead from frost in April or early May?<<

Possibly..! This species is especially vulnerable to late frosts. People often get around this problem by protecting their plants with a thick mulch, or by covering them with glass/plastic propagator tops.
Some clones of this species seem more tolerant of cold and light frosts - if you have plants to spare, it would be wise to try with just one or two first, to see if they will survive your conditions.