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Abgeschickt von Magnus Persson am 15 Dezember, 1999 um 10:54:21

Antwort auf: Re: C. tibeticum von Alastair Robinson am 14 Dezember, 1999 um 17:46:34:

Thanks for your detailed answer. I use basically three different soil mixes for my Cypripedium; 1. equal parts of burned clay pellets, course sand and a clay rich soil from a forest nearby, some rotten wood and oyster shells is added to this mix, 2. sand, course or fine depending on species, mixed with some soil, I often use a commercial soil based on decomposed bark, 3. equal parts of burned clay and vermiculite with some oyster shells and loam. I always mulch with a layer of beech leaves or bark.
Mix 1 is used for most Chinese species, mix 2 for American species and mix 3 for seedlings. I think it is a good idea to use only a few types of soil mixes, but I often experiment with new mixes. I have found out that some species planted in mix 1 are very prone to rot if not protected from the autumn rains, next season I will repot these in mix 2 or try pure pumice gravel.
My tibeticum grows in mix 3. I think the main problem is that it is planted too shallow, I will try your advice and cover the mix with a layer of organic soil like leaf mould, a few cm would be adequate I think.
It takes a long time to be an experienced Cypripedium grower since you have to grow a plant at least a whole season in order to determine if you are doing the right thing. Therefore, the discussions on this forum will be beneficial to all of us.