Green colouration in Cyp flowers

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Abgeschickt von Darcy Gunnlaugson am 27 Januar, 2002 um 18:58:27

I have had an interesting and recent confirming discourse with a friend in the USA who collaborates my own observations about the "named" greenpetal/form of monatanum. It is now obvious to me that C. montanum forma praeteritinctum, is actually an unstable and transient form, which is related to moist, shaded, cooler/climatic conditions. If this same plant is moved to a more exposed location at this location, a location which reflects sun and warmth, it will revert to it's more normal form with chocolate/mahogany petal/sepals. The green coloration, normally associated with albas, will disappear and be replaced by it's normal darker coloration.

Similarly, I have infrequently noted, that a normally pink acaule will produce a white lipped, green sepal/petal form in a atypical cool wet overcast summer here. This has occurred on two occasions with a normally pink plant in a bog situation. I would suggest that the C. kentuckiense forma pricei which has been reported extinct, may also in fact be atransient form of the same, (and therefore possibly not extinct), as has C.reginae been reported with alba-like conditions, notably due to wildclimatic fluctuations while it is in bud (see NANOJ Vol 3 No 1 and the discussion about C.reginae albolabium in the section "Species" of this forum).

Comments solicited.

Darcy Gunnlaugson


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