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Abgeschickt von Peter Corkhill am 21 Juli, 2001 um 07:48:15

Antwort auf: sowing von Matti Niissalo am 20 Juli, 2001 um 21:55:13:

: How many bottles (about 5 cm/2" accross) of seedling should I make from one seed-capsule?

I use baby-food bottles for seed sowing and these are about 2" across. The number needed to sow a single pod is very variable. Not only is there a big variation between species but the amount of seed in a pod depends on its size and the strength of the plant from which it was taken. Some small pods with few seeds need only a single bottle but on average a seed pod from a species like pubescens would take about 6 bottles of this size. For a really huge seedpod of C. calceolus which was bursting with seeds, I one sowed 14 bottles. It is better to sow the seeds thinly as this makes replating easier and spreads the chance of contamination killing all your bottles.