Re: Extraordinary seedlings of C.calceolus

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Abgeschickt von Hideka Kobayashi am 07 Juli, 2001 um 07:24:50

Antwort auf: Extraordinary seedlings of C.calceolus (with photo von Camiel de Jong am 03 Juni, 2001 um 08:29:46:

Try liquid media with raft membrane if you have an access to those.

I am not sure about your claim here. I am ware of changes induced by plant growth regulators, but I have yet to hear polyploidization by BA (although it might be possible). If that is frequent like in your case, I would expect to see more tetraploids or polyploids in just about any in vitro cultures. Did you really mean BA instead of colchine? You really need to do chromosome counting to be sure.