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Abgeschickt von Peter Corkhill am 13 Dezember, 1999 um 20:17:36

Antwort auf: Re: hybrid names von Michael Weinert am 08 Dezember, 1999 um 07:24:46:

Dear Michael

Thanks for the message. My motivation was to find out if all other crosses between the different colour forms of macranthos with all parviflorum must be called xGisela. This year I have seedlings crossing my very attractive large pink macranthos (bought as speciosum but I am not sure exactly what speciosum is) with my favourite multiple flowering parviflorum. Also it seems silly if for example I crossed C.macranthos rebunense with C. parviflorum pubescens to still have to call it xGisela? It is better to use the subspecies name and call it rebunense x pubescens.

What set me thinking along these lines is the fact that I saw on Carson Whitlow's list of hybrids that calceolus x macranthos is registered at Tanja Pinkepank. Surely this is a remake of x ventricosum and should have the name xVentricosum unless he can claim it is based on certain selected colour forms.