Re: Photos of extraordinary plants (10 b): 30,000 C.japonicum

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Abgeschickt von Matti Niissalo am 03 Juni, 2001 um 19:50:25

Antwort auf: Photos of extraordinary plants (13): 30,000 C.japo von Michael Weinert am 02 Juni, 2001 um 07:16:01:

OH MY GOD, what a photo!!! I now own a C. debile (which I was talking earlier), but my collection still lacks C. japonicum. I am afraid that it won´t be tolerate enough for our winters here in the North. But still, I think I´ll buy that from somewhere in next autumn... At least a good reason to try that refrigerator-winter...

Sorry, Michael, once again I have nothing important to say about your species =(

Oh yes, I´d still like to mention that 27 years is not SO long time.