Extraordinary seedlings of C.calceolus (with photo)

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Abgeschickt von Camiel de Jong am 03 Juni, 2001 um 08:29:46

From a total batch of around 300 C. calceolus seedlings these individuals developed into giants. The roots are around 3 mm in diameter. For comparison a pencil and a batch of normal seedlings are put on the picture as well. The seedlings are not very fast growing in root length as compared to their normal counterparts. However, they do accumulate the same amount of biomass. Furthermore, the roots are not very prone to enter the agar. I expect these seedlings to be polyploid (quite likely tetraploid). The seeds were germinated on a medium containing benzyladenine. This growth regulator can induce polyploidy. I hope I can raise them to maturity but they are not growing very well.