Colour variation of the hybrid C. 'Ulla Silkens' (with photo)

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Abgeschickt von Peter Corkhill am 02 Juni, 2001 um 17:13:51

Antwort auf: Re: Colour variation of the hybrid C. 'Ulla Silkens' von Paul Perakos am 31 Mai, 2001 um 21:15:55:

Hi Paul

There is nothing special to report on cultivating 'Ulla' seedlings except to say be patient! They have responded to all the various composts I tried them in. The picture below shows a group of 5 seedlings in an 8 inch pot. These are just opening their third set of leaves in my standard seedling compost of 4 parts Perlite:1 part Beech humus plus a little dolomite lime. The seedlings are fed regularly with Dynagro at the rate of 2.5ml per 5 litres rain water giving a fertiliser strength round 300 micro-siemens total dissolved solids. At the end of their 3rd season in the community pot these seedlings will need moving on to give them more room and could be planted out into a garden situation as Michael describes elsewhere on the site or potted singly. This hybrid produces long deep roots (up to 18 inches long in garden culture) so give them room to grow. I expect them to flower when 5 to 8 years old - that sounds a long time but if you have a few new seedlings each year then you will have a constant supply coming up to flowering size in a few years time. They are very hardy in the UK and I would recommend you try garden culture in a prepared bed for at least some of your seedlings.