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Abgeschickt von Mark Johnson am 24 Mai, 2001 um 03:05:45

Antwort auf: Help with ID of Chinese Cyp (with photo) von Mark Johnson am 22 Mai, 2001 um 12:11:37:

Thanks for all the help! As for the mystery Cyp., unfortunately the blooms have long since past without setting pods... To help with the ID of this Cyp. "Mystery":

1) The stem and leaves do not resemble the shorter, stouter Cyp. tibeticum.

2) It was the first to bloom in my garden: It opened April 10, when average temps were about 55 degrees Farenheit (13 degrees Celcius). It opened a full three weeks before the Cyp. tibeticum, Cyp. macranthum, & Cyp. Gisela that I have growing in the same bog garden.

3) I have examined the withered staminode from both the unknown Cyp. and a nearby Cyp. macranthum. The unknown cyp is extremely LANCEOLATE! Very similar to Gisela. The Macranthum staminode is wider and not as long.

I am not sure if this helps with identification...we may have to wait until next year to take better photos and finally identify Cyp. "Mystery."

Best Regards,