Great American Cyps: C.candidum (with photo)

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Abgeschickt von Mark Johnson am 13 Mai, 2001 um 21:43:35

I am pleased to share this photo of one of our threatened species of Ladyslipper. This C. candidum is growing in my formal garden in Northern Ohio, USA next to Anemones in full sun. In the wild here, it grows in a 4 inch layer of pure crumbly humus (pH 7-8) over a layer of gravel. It does not need a bog or swamp. It grows in grassy areas where the grasses gradually overgrow the plants and shade provide them with bright shade. I am growing it in pure humus over a layer of gravel. The large Anemone leaves next to it will gradually grow larger and provide it with some light shade. It is a very small flower about the size of C. henryi. The plant itself grows about 8-10 inches tall.