overwintering calceolus in basement

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Abgeschickt von Matti Niissalo am 13 Mai, 2001 um 01:01:00

Hello all!

A woman asked me if she could keep her C. calceolus in her cellar during winter. She told me that temperature ower there is between 4-6 celcius. Do you think that´s possible? What tips do you have to make the plant feel more like home?

Please, answer soon!

Matti Niissalo

PS. the following cyps are now growing: reginae, Emil, Gisela, calceolus, debile (it didn´t flower :( ) and henryi. Acaule and kentuckiense are still under ground. All plants exept for debile (new species for me) have been out all winter (in Finland).