Re: C.debile - question (with photo)

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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 21 April, 2001 um 13:50:50

Antwort auf: Re: C.debile - question! von Michael Weinert am 14 April, 2001 um 07:34:42:

I took a closer look on the construction of the flower (see photo) and my theory seems to be right. The staminode of C.debile is very different in shape and structure of the surface, compared with most other Cyp species. It is very tiny (in size not bigger than the two pollinia together), only little developed, and has a rough structure. I assume strongly that the insects pollinating C.debile crawl into the lip by themselves, attracted by whatever (scent, colour, brighter parts in the lip). Please note that the photo shows the flower in its natural position!

What Markus Sonnberger wrote regarding C.debile in this forum seems to support my observations.