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Abgeschickt von Bill Steele am 16 Maerz, 2001 um 21:21:04

Antwort auf: Are Lady 's Slipper Endangered in North America? von Glen Lee am 16 Maerz, 2001 um 07:23:21:

The extent to which lady's slippers are endangered depends upon the species. Most, if not all, lady's slippers are considered threatened or endangered in at least part of their ranges, although most species would not be considered endangered overall. Three species, however, are classed as threatened or endangered over most of their range: Cypripedium arietinum, C. candidum, and C. fasciculatum.

As a resident of the Canadian prairie, I suspect the species your neighbors are referring to is C. candidum, the small white lady's slipper. It is classed as endangered in Manitoba, and as endangered or threatened over most of its range in the U.S. The reason for its rarity is everywhere the same: loss of habitat. C. candidum occupied the land deemed most valuable for agriculture.

I cannot think of a Web site that gives a continent-wide view of the status of Cypripedium species. Your best bet is to consult natural resource departments for the various provinces and states. For Manitoba, you can check species listings at:

Fortunately, most lady's slipper species are not endangered although all have probably suffered population declines as a result of habitat loss and poaching, particularly near urban areas.

Hope this helps.