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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 16 Maerz, 2001 um 16:47:52

Antwort auf: Re: ID on two Cyps von Dave Arcese am 16 Maerz, 2001 um 14:20:13:

Hi Dave,

According to his book "The Genus Cypripedium", Phillip Cribb is very uncertain about the species C.ludlowii. He has only seen herbarium specimens. Werner Frosch, the German Cyp expert, collected a nearly complete photo gallery of Cyp species over the years, but failed to get a single picture of ludlowii. So nobody knows exactly how this plant looks like (if it is a true species at all).

According to my knowledge you would be the first person who has seen pictures or plants of C.ludlowii. I wonder if you can be sure that the picture in question shows this species.

Michael Weinert