Cyp. farreri in my garden

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Abgeschickt von Leif Johan Igeltorp am 28 Juni, 2010 um 12:34:04

Here is a photo of a nice Cypripedium farreri that I have been growing outdoors in Norway for the last 15 years (at least) and it is a small clump with 4 flowers this year - standing in lime/shell and some soil and in full sun but protected with a Helleborus so it does not get much direct sun. Been sheltered with glass for some years but not the last one and not at the beginning in the 90s.

I was given it by a friend of mine - he did not know what it was and neither did I - but it turned out to be something nicely. It starts growing in May and flowers much later than my fasciolatums - they are much larger and is standing a bit dry under some shelter - grows in fact in sand and shells - different grade of milimeters. Less than 5 % soil. It does work - but a bit sunny at before 12a.m. - then shadow until 5p.m. - 1/2 hour sun and shadow again. Nicely.

I grow a lot of Cypripediums and at the moment many Cyp. reginae are blooming - nice and large clumps - also 'Ulla Silkens'.


Leif-Johan Igeltorp


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