C. tibeticum

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Abgeschickt von Alastair Robinson am 01 Dezember, 1999 um 23:37:33

Antwort auf: Re: Web site von Michael Weinert am 27 November, 1999 um 18:50:07:

Dear Michael,

I must second the previous comments, as well as express my interest in seeing an exclusive Cypripedium forum of this kind created online; it is a first, and will certainly be useful to growers at all levels, so I hope that it is a success. Best of luck.
I had planned to ask you about C.tibeticum in my email the other day, but it slipped my mind, and so I am putting it down here.
Other growers of this species in particular have warned that areas with mild winters can provoke premature breaking of dormancy, as a result of the conditions it experiences in the wild. I live in London, where winters are especially mild (regularly USDA zone 9), and have considered trying the species in the ground in a specially prepared bed - but in light of the risks, I am inclined to stick to artificial vernalisation. I am aware that winters in Germany are significantly colder, but was wondering if you, or anyone else, could advise me on my situation.

Thank you for your time.

Warmest Regards,