Cyp hybrids in my garden

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Abgeschickt von Harry Jans am 30 Maerz, 2010 um 09:28:09

This is a picture from my front garden which I renovated in 2004. I used large peat blocks to create a high peat garden (full sun till 12 o'clock).

The mixture behind the peat blocks is: ca. 6 parts well rotted leaf mould (beech, oak and others), 1 part fine pine bark, 1 part fine loam and 1 part seramis or pumice. Because I had access to tufa granulate I used also 1 part of that. This mixture is very porous, well drained, but keeps enough moisture around the roots of the plants.

Every autumn I top dress the whole peat garden with medium fine pine bark, mixed with well rotted leaf mould. I also use once a year (in July) liquid fertiliser (medium strength).

The results are wonderful. Just after 6 years planting I had over 30 flower stems on Cyp. ‘Gisela’. The other one is Cyp ‘Emil’ which I have acquired as a small seedling some 7 years ago. Other Cyps grown in the same medium are some of the Frosch hybrids, but also Cyp. flavum, gutatum, reginae and others.

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