Re: Damaged roots

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Abgeschickt von Ron Burch am 10 Dezember, 2009 um 12:26:10

Antwort auf: Damaged roots von Kate Christensen am 07 Dezember, 2009 um 23:36:28:

If a new plant has some root tip die-back, if it is otherwise healthy (that is the root tips dried a bit in shipping rather than the plant having a disease that caused the rot), I find that it will usually do quite well. Plant in inorganic media to reduce the potential of bacterial and fungal contamination and it should be fine, although its development will be somewhat delayed while it grows new roots. If you fertilize with a complete fertilizer with micronutrients, the plant will have adequate nutrition. I would not increase as you can damage the plant if going too high, and I would not fertilize much at all until Spring.

Good luck!


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