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Abgeschickt von Ron Burch am 22 Oktober, 2009 um 20:04:21

Antwort auf: Re: Cyp japonicum von Kate am 21 Oktober, 2009 um 07:12:53:

Hi, Kate,

All of the plants you mention will do well in zone 5. Indeed, Cyp flavum will be happier, the colder it is. Here at the border of zone 5/6 flavum can become quite unhappy during warm summers. Cyp californicum has happily survived temperatures down to -15 F here and lived, and flowered, to tell about it.

For Cyp japonicum I keep it as you mention. The fellow in Amherst, Bill Hutchinson, a famous Cattleya breeder, has a raised bed outside his greenhouse where he dumps all of his old potting bark every year when he repots. About 6 years ago he tossed a Cyp japonicum (from Asiatica) into that bed and simply dumps more bark on it every year. The plant is enormous and he often makes divisions to spread around the local orchid society gardens. It is quite impressive in bloom. I do not dare keep a Cypripedium like that - within a couple of years, I always run into trouble with it. Bill's specimen is quite special in many ways - while I have had rather poor success with japonicum seed and growing on protocorms, the seed from that plant made thousands of fast-growing protocorms that grew just as fast in several different media with a variety of additives. The seedlings I am growing from that seed are many that I have sent around to others - I have received a number of reports of 100% survival.



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