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Abgeschickt von Kate am 21 Oktober, 2009 um 07:12:53

Antwort auf: Re: Cyp japonicum von Ron Burch am 20 Oktober, 2009 um 21:22:58:

Hi Ron,
Is there anything special you do for them? I want to just plant them in the soil mix of equal parts Soil Perfector, Soilmaster, and a gravel with ground leaves over then in a slightly raised bed? I have been trying to just follow everything your website said for success. Maybe its premature for me to go outside trying the proven hybrids but there is just somthing appealing about the true species to me. Do you know if macranthum, flavum, tibeticum , fasciolatum, franchetii , and henryi are all cold hardy into zone 5 as well? I know all the main american species except manybe C. californicum are pretty cold hardy but the only Asian species that appear (sort of) common are C macranthum and maybe C flavum. I'm so eger to learn everything I can about the wonderful plants.
Thanks Kate


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