Re: Cyp japonicum hardiness

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Abgeschickt von Kate Christensen am 17 Oktober, 2009 um 07:05:55

Antwort auf: Re: Cyp japonicum hardiness von Michael Weinert am 17 Oktober, 2009 um 05:50:56:

Hi Michael,
Thanks for responding. I checked out that post but it doesnt totally answer my question. it said both species want a long, warm growing season but what I'm really curios if Cyp japonicum is much more cold hardy than C formosanum. I ask because I talked to a guy who is a few hundred miles away from me but in a climate that is just about the same temps as mine. He runs a nursery and had quite a few C formosanum that he did protect a little in the winter. He said he still lost about 75% of them. Thats the reason I wanted to know if C. japonicum is much more cold hardy. I found two nurseries in the US and one in China who sell adult C. japonicum. The one in China sells them for only a few dollars so I assumed they were illigally dug from the wild. Both US nurseries sell them for quite a bit more.


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