Cyp. 'appendiculatum' = subtropicum?

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Abgeschickt von Lukas Hunziker am 31 Juli, 2009 um 17:07:02

Dear all,

I received an e-mail from a Chinese guy on 28 July with an offer (I am shure I am not the only one). And a link to a lot of pictures on Flickr.

In this fotostream there is a picture of a Cypripedium called Cypripedium appendiculatum. I am quite shure this is Cypripedium subtropicum!

I have prepared the flower picture, that I can show you why I am thinking that this is Cypripedium subtropicum.

In the picture I have marked the critical points.

red circle:
This showes the column, and it is clearly that this one is elongated and small. This is a characteristica of the Section Subtropica (wardii and subtropicum).

blue circle:
The lip entrence is triangular, spotted on the bottom and the lip is more flat than rounded. This looks more like an Selenipedium.

yellow circle:
The ovary is hairy and thin (nothing critical, but supports my theory).

magenta circle:
This showes a more rounded petal, untwisted with haires on the outside.

No I change to the picture of the whole plant:

the habit:
Very tall, no basal leaves, the stem in the foreground has 8 leaves, the one in the background even 9 (typical for subtropicum).

this one showes a three flowered specimen (could also be one of the Section Irapeana according to the habit and inflorescence...).

Finally, the picture was uploaded from a Chinese guy and it was uploaded on 15 July (according to Cribb: "the species flowers in mid-July (19th) according to information with the type collection").

I am looking foreward to an interesting discussion.

All the best



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