Temperature and protocorm growth

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Abgeschickt von Wollenschlaeger Eric am 05 Juli, 2009 um 13:48:42


Last year I’ve start sowing Cypripedium and others hardy orchids for the first time, in vitro. I’ve used Svante Malmgren’s medium. The reginae germinate and grow well, the Dactylorhiza too. I also sow parviflorum x henryi, kentuckiense and a open pollinated ‘Rascal’ seed pod. 

Once sown, I put the Petri dishes in the fridge at 2°C, for 3 months. After that I store them around 15°c and a few weeks later I’ve noticed that germination was faster at 25°c. All Cypripedium have germinated, but the protocorms don’t grow at 25°c. Since I store them at lower temperature just a very few protocorms seems to get bigger.

So my question is the following: If higher temperature can speed up germination, could it inhibit protocorm growth?

Thanks for contribution.

Eric Wollenschlaeger


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