Re: Can this cyp be saved?

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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 13 Juni, 2009 um 11:36:56

Antwort auf: Can this cyp be saved? von Bonaventure am 12 Juni, 2009 um 17:31:21:

Hi Bonaventure,

Yes, it can definitively be saved, but not in the fridge! Just leave it outside at a spot where you normally would grow this Cyp and wait until next year. Cyp. 'Aki' will form a new shoot bud as always during summer, this time only smaller than usual (because the leaves of the current shoot are missing). Don't expect a flower next year, but for 2011 I am quite optimistic.

So, this Cyp does not even need to be saved. It is fine and will overcome the damage without any problems. It is just a setback of one or two years regarding size, nothing more serious!

Happy growing



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